VIDEO: Design ideas for Tie-Dye Day

Every year, Conant chemistry students tie-dye t-shirts the Friday before spring break. It is a popular Conant tradition and a fun way to kick off spring break. In the spirit of this tradition, this video demonstrates different tie-dye patterns you can try out for your shirts.

Additional Information:

  • For the yin yang and heart tie-dye patterns, make sure that the pencil marks make a straight line after you make the folds. 
  • Don’t be fooled!  Even if the shirt looks like it is covered in dye, you still may have a lot of white space left. Be sure to get the dye in between the folds and creases of the t-shirt.
  • After dying, let the t-shirt sit for about 12 hours, and then rinse out the excess dye. The longer you let it sit, the more vivid the colors will be.

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